Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

If your vehicle starts to shake or tremble when you come to a stop, it could be several issues. You might even be able to feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal on your Pasadena commute. Either way you'll want to know: Why does my car shake when braking? Below, the service team at Bayway CDJR covers three of the most common causes.

The Brake Rotors Are Warped

The number one reason for a shaking car is warped or damaged brake rotors. Brake rotors work together with your brake pads to stop your wheels from spinning and bring your car to a stop. As rotors age, they eventually get thinner from ongoing wear and tear, making them prone to damage. Excessive heat generated during braking can warp the rotors, causing the brakes pads to slip and create a quivering sensation, most likely in the brake pedal. 

Brake rotors are typically replaced at 70,000 miles, but may need to be done earlier depending on your driving style and the climate conditions in South Houston.

The Tires Need Service

Your tires are another reason your vehicle may shake when braking. If your tires are out of alignment or old, your suspension has to work extra hard to keep your car balanced. Hitting a pothole or a curb in Deer Park could alter your alignment, shifting your car off balance and making your car shake. 

Tire alignment is usually checked during a routine tire rotation, which should be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.Schedule a service appointment with Bayway CDJR today for this easy and affordable tire service and learn how long your tires will last on Pasadena roads. 

Steering & Suspension Issues 

If there is an issue with your steering or suspension systems, chances are you will feel shaking not only when braking, but during regular driving as well. However, there are cases when a damaged part, such as an axle shaft, can cause an issue specifically when coming to a stop. 

When you have your vehicle in for oil changes or tire rotations, request a general vehicle inspection as well. During the inspection all of your vehicle's vital systems, including steering and suspension, will be checked. If there's an issue, your service tech can let you know so you can act proactively.

Reach Out to Our Service Team to Learn More!

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