How to Check The Oil Levels in Your Car

Deer Park drivers understand the need for regular maintenance checks on their vehicles to avoid costly repairs down the road, and how to check the oil level in a car is one of the most important checks to perform. Checking your car's oil level is an important part of regular maintenance, and our service team is here to help you understand the process!

How to Check Car Oil

The oil level in certain late-model vehicles is checked electronically so it's a good idea to thumb through the owner's manual to find out specifically what the automaker's guidelines are. Once you've determined that the vehicle carries a conventional oil dipstick, you are ready to begin: 

  • Park the vehicle on a level surface - Turn off the engine and allow the engine to get cold
  • Locating the dipstick's position -There might be several dipsticks visible (transmission, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine oil) so it is crucial to identify the engine oil stick
  • Withdraw the engine oil dipstick - Using a paper towel or cloth, wipe off the oil and replace it back in the tube, carefully inserting it fully
  • Pull out the dipstick again - Be careful when removing the dipstick to not touch the sides of the tube. Locate the level on the stick and compare it to the recommended min and max levels indicated. You'll want to top up to the higher of the two levels 
  • Add oil as needed - Check the owner's manual for the correct type of oil to use. Add the oil via the filler cap in half-quart portions taking care to not add too much, which could be harmful to the engine. Continue to check levels until the appropriate amount is added

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If you have any questions about how to check car oil levels or how often to change your vehicle's oil, feel free to contact the professionals in our Service Center who are ready to help La Porte and Houston area drivers with all of their service needs, such as tire rotations, oil changes, battery replacements, and brake service along with many other larger service jobs as well as guides on why your car is overheating , why your car trembles when you brake, and how to remove stickers from your car!

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