Looking for a fun night out on the town in Pasadena, TX? We can already tell you where the best places to eat are around town, but what do you do after you're finished? Why not see the biggest blockbusters of the year on the big screen at a movie theater in Pasadena, TX! You can see the latest Marvel or Pixar movie, or perhaps a critically-acclaimed indie film at the following three movie theaters in and around Pasadena, TX. 

Cinemark Hollywood Movies 20

First up on our list is a theater located right in the heart of Pasadena. This Cinemark Hollywood theater gives attendees the absolute best cinematic experience you can get in our great city! See the best movies of the year from huge action blockbusters to animated films that the whole family can enjoy, and everything else in between. This theater has all the amenities you could hope for with comfy lounge seating, as well as a full menu of snacks, entrees, and drinks to keep your stomach from growling and disturbing other moviegoers around you. 

Cinema Latino -- Cine de Pasadena

Next up on our list is a theater that's perfect for Spanish speakers! Cinema Latino is a small chain of theaters that specializes in showing the latest films Hollywood has to offer in Spanish, English, and English with Spanish subtitles. They even do showings of some films in 3D! So if your first language is Spanish or have relatives and/or friends whose main language is Spanish, this theater could be the perfect choice for you!

AMC Gulf Pointe 30

Located less than 10 miles from the heart of Pasadena in Houston, TX, this AMC theater is a great alternative if you're visiting the big city. Like the Cinemark movie theater in Pasadena, TX, this AMC shows the latest and greatest that cinema has to offer from the most popular hits to the smaller indie films you love. But the main draw for this theater, and what sets it apart from the others in this list, is that it features state-of-the-art IMAX screenings that show the year's biggest blockbusters in a larger format than you can see anywhere else!

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Whether you're coming from La Porte, Houston, or beyond, if you want to go to the movies in Pasadena, check out one of the theaters listed above. Before you go, contact us to hear about the best coffee shops in Pasadena, and be sure to check out the available new and used vehicle inventories at Bayway CDJR!