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You know what they say about Texas; everything is bigger and better. This includes the number of Jeep clubs too. Whether you’re driving a Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee, nearby Jeep riders can unite and enjoy the luxury of being in a club with other fellow Jeepers. Texas is known as “the Lone Star State,” but there are plenty of Jeep owners who would much rather be surrounded by the company of other Jeepers instead of their loner status. There are many different Jeep clubs you can join, (check out this full list) and we will make sure you find one that’s the best fit for you.

Find your tribe with these Houston and Texas Jeep clubs.

Find your tribe with these Houston and Texas Jeep clubs.

The Houston JeepPeople Club makes people feel as if they are all one. Louis A, a member since 2010, says, “I have been a member of HJP for a number of years now, I have experienced some ups and downs in this time. What family doesn’t have their moments, and yes this is a family. There are many groups who try to improve on what HJP is. In trying to improve, they are missing the point that is so obvious, it is often missed or confused as something other than what it is. What it is, is, FREEDOM to be an individual within the family and be accepted for who you are. Everyone has that one family member that is…not exactly what everyone thinks is supposed to be acceptable but yet is accepted for their unique difference.”

5 Hills Jeep Club is located in Burnet, Texas and Killeen-Copperas Cove, Texas is a family oriented Jeep club welcoming both beginner drivers and old pros. The active involvement in this club includes throwing annual huge club-funded parties for its members. In the past, they’ve had barbecues at a local lake, fully paid for by the club. They also do charity work as well. They have participated in Wheeling for the Wounded to raise money for wounded soldiers and donate to National Parkinson’s Foundation.

5 Hills Jeep Club showed their constant love and support for one another by helping fellow members out of the mud when they were stuck. “They felt safe and secure out on the trails with the club out there and knew our reputation of helping,” says 5 Hills Jeep Club president Justin Schlaudraff. “I’m really excited about how great everyone gets along with one another and how excited the members are to reach out and help fellow Jeepers in distress.”

Wayne Thomason, president of Colorado City Chapter of The Hard Rock Jeep Club says, “Nobody knows a stranger in this club. We all know each other’s names, kids and families we work hard together and have fun. To me, that’s what it’s all about; family!” The Hard Rock Jeep Club is all over the country but you can find your local chapter here in Texas.

Jeepsies is another great blog and group located right here in Houston but travels all over the country. These folks are all about their Jeeps and traveling – the gypsy life. It is a blog and club run by Eric, a retired US military veteran of 20 years and he loves to meet Jeep people everywhere.

Whatever club you choose, we have no doubt you will find your people and your home. Having a connection with complete strangers over your Jeep passion will be something you can learn from and meet friends that you will be close with for life. If you’re looking for more Jeep content from Bayway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, check out our comparison of the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee. And for more local content, discover the best places to eat in Pasadena, as well as the best movie theaters in Pasadena.

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