You may know coolant, or antifreeze, as the green liquid in your radiator keeps your engine from turning into a block of ice in the winter, but did you know that it also helps keep things cool in the summer? Radiator coolant actually raises the boiling point of the water, allowing it to carry more heat away from the engine. Because coolant regulates engine temperature in both warmer and cooler months, it's important to know how to check your coolant levels and know when you need to change it. 

What to Look for

Fortunately, checking your coolant level is a fairly simple process. You can identify the coolant reservoir by the cap - it should read "Engine Coolant." Depending on the make and model of your car, it may be either on the far right or far left. Check your owner's manual to be sure.

Most newer cars have a translucent coolant overflow tank right next to the radiator, which makes getting a quick read as easy as checking the side of the tank to see if the fluid reaches the fill line. To avoid injury from steam or hot engine parts, always check your coolant level when the car is cold.

When to Change Your Coolant

Because coolant breaks down over time due to operating in a hot environment, it's important to flush or refresh your coolant at times. In addition to coolant breakdown, the coolant's rust inhibitors lose effectiveness over time, which can leave your engine vulnerable to rust and allow rust debris to run through the system. 

Your owner's manual will have a recommended interval in which to check the coolant level. If your car uses "long-life" 100,000-mile coolant formula, it's still necessary to check your coolant level for leaks, because low coolant levels can lead to overheating and breakdowns.

When to Visit Our Service Center

Coolant is usually red, green, blue, or yellow. If it looks colorless, rusty, or has debris in it, schedule a service appointment. There's a good chance your car has an internal gasket leak. Driving is possible, but your engine is at risk of overheating and being severely damaged. 

Our service center is committed to providing top-notch car maintenance, auto repairs, and fluid checks to drivers throughout the area. If you're looking for a dedicated team with a reputation for excellence to care for your car, truck, SUV, or minivan, we are here for you.

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